Santa fe de Antioquia

  • Departamento: Antioquia
  • Capital del departamento: Medellín
  • Municipio: Santa Fe de Antioquia
  • Fecha de fundación: 4 de diciembre de 1541
  • Población total: 24 549 habitantes (DANE 2005)
  • Gentilicio: Santafereño
  • Altitud: 500 m.s.n.m
  • Temperatura promedio: 27º C

Santa Fe de Antioquia was founded in 1541 when two populations merged. For 246 years it was the capital of the department. His prestige and importance in the region has earned him different names: ‘Cuna de la Raza’ and ‘Perla de Robledo’.

It limits to the north with the municipalities of Giraldo and Buriticá; to the south with Anzá; to the east with Olaya, Sopetrán and Ebéjico and to the west with Abriaquí and Caicedo. About 23,000 people inhabit this beautiful and historic land.

City of Antioquia was founded on December 4, 1541 by Marshal Jorge Robledo in the Ebéjico Valley, near the present municipality of Peque.

In 2010, the network of heritage towns of Colombia was created in Santa Fe de Antioquia, by the national government, in the quest to boost them economically and touristically, as products of world “size”.